Located at San Nicolas, Tres de Mayo, the eco park is a short 10 - minute drive away from Digos City center. It is approximately 4.5 hectares of public space with designed gardens and sprawling lawns. It features jogging and bike lanes which on completion, will circle the park’s stunning lake where visitors could go fishing. The eco-park is a relaxing place where you can commune with nature or have family bonding and picnics at their barbeque.

Venue Bookings & Photoshoots

The Digos City Eco Park and Arboretum is an ideal location for weddings and / or photoshoots with its beautiful gardens, lawns, and stunning view of the lake. You will need to contact and book your photoshoot or event with the Digos City Tourism Office located on the 4th floor, Digos City Hall, Jose Abad Santos St. or message them on their Facebook page.

Using Our Barbeque Facilities

1. Book your usage and pay for the gas consumption fee.

Our barbeque sheds are free and on the first come, first serve basis. You will only need to pay for the gas consumption if you will to use the bbq grills. Please inform the park staff at the entrance booth and pay the gas usage fee of P100 per hour.

2. What to bring

For the perfect bbq experience, you will need to bring you own:

  • Bbq tools: long-handled bbq tongs, forks and knife, match and grill brush
  • Foil, paper towels, dishwashing sponge and soap
  • Marinated meat, oil/butter and seasonings

No other cooking is allowed except for the bbq and other dishes should be pre-cooked. You may also bring your own portable gas bbq, but for safety reasons you may only use the next to the park’s bbq grills. Your personal bbq grill must be fitted with oil drip tray. No grills are allowed on the park lawns.

3. Clean as you go (CLAYGO)

As a matter of courtesy users must clean the area, especially the bbq grill, before leaving in order to ensure that the next user has an equally fun and enjoyable time.

Our Park Rules

To help protect the park and preserve it for the continued enjoyment, the City Council has passed Ordinance No. 22-114 which sets out the rules and requlations for the park. We encourage to abide by them.Any person found guilty of violating prohibited acts in the Ordinance shall be fined P5,000 or imprisonment of one to six months or both. You may download the Ordinance here.We compiled a few of the rules and etiquettes expected from our park guests.

  • Observe and respect park opening and closing times.
  • Stay on the paths or lawns. Leave trees, plants, and wildlife undisturbed for others to enjoy.
  • Wait for you turn when using park facilities. The park areas are shared areas, unless exclusively booked and permitted by the city government.
  • Clean as you go. Keep park facilities - benches, bbq sheds and grills, toilets, lawns, etc clean for the next user.
  • Keep your dogs in a leash (Anti-Rabies Act of 2007). Keep them in diapers or bring a poop bag.
  • Keep noise level low to allow others to enjoy the tranquility. Karaoke and loud music are not allowed unless its part of a program permitted by the city government.
  • No swimming allowed or venturing into the lake, rivulets, or waterways within the park unless permitted by park authorities.
  • No boating on the lake, unless permitted by park authorities.
  • No smoking. It’s strictly prohibited under Presidential Executive Order 26 s 2017.
  • No vandalism or destruction of natural or man-made features, and government facilities and properties.
  • No picking of flowers and plants, or injuring or cutting of trees.
  • No motorized equipment or vehicles are allowed inside the park premises except to set.down persons with disabilities (PWDs). Once PWD is set down, vehicles must exit and park outside.
  • No bikes, skateboards, scooters are allowed in the garden and lawn areas. No bikes are allowed in the jogging lanes.
  • No selling or trade activities inside the park premises unless permitted by the city government.
  • No gambling of any form is allowed (RA 9287).
Frequently Ask Questions

Is there an entrance fee?

There is no entrance fee applicable to the Digos City Eco Park and Arboretum. Visitors only need to pay, as per City Ordinance No. 2022-131, a tourism development fee which is a fee applicable to all nature parks in Digos including the Eco Park. They are as follows:

  • Children 6 years old and below - Free
  • Senior Citizens - Free (Pls. show your ID)
  • Person with Disability - Free (Pls. show your ID)
  • Children 7 to 11 years old - P10.00
  • 12 -59 years old - P20.00

What time is the park open?

Monday to Sundays 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Subject to change for park rehabilitation

Where is the park located?

San Nicolas, Tres de Mayo, Digos City, Davao del Sur

How do I make reservations for venue bookings and photoshoots?

Visit Digos City Tourism Office located on the 4th floor, Digos City Hall, Jose Abad Santos St. or message them on their Facebook page.

Can I bring my dog to the park?

Yes, provided that you keep them in diapers or bring a poop bag, , and you keep it on a leash.

Contact Us

Email: digoscitytourism@gmail.com

FB Page: Digos City Tourism

Park Opening Times:

We are now open on Monday to Sunday 5:00 am to 9:00 pm

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